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The Graduate Council reviews and makes recommendations on graduate fellowships, course proposals, new degree programs, along with revision and interpretation of the Graduate School rules and regulations. The Graduate Council consists of 15 members of the Graduate Faculty. Representation is apportioned to professional schools and divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences in proportion to the number of full-time Graduate Faculty members in each school and division. Each professional school and division containing Graduate Faculty has at least one representative. 

Academic Unit
Member Term Expires
Education Martille Elias 2022
Humanities Shane Seely 2022
Humanities Kara Moskowitz 2022
Math/Natural Sciences Eike Bauer 2022
Math/Natural Sciences Fred Inglis 2024
Nursing Cathy Koetting 2023
Social Sciences Lee Slocum 2024
Social Sciences David Kimball 2024
Business Thomas Kozloski 2024
Education Don Gouwens 2021
Humanities Lauren Olin 2022
Math/Natural Sciences Sanjiv Bhatia 2022
Optometry Carl Bassi 2021
Social Sciences Kamila White 2022
Economics Donald Kridel 2023
Biology Lon Chubiz 2023
Political Science Todd Swanstrom 2023

Meetings are currently being held irregularly. Please check your email for updates.