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Fall 2021
Candidates for Graduation

7/8 at 2:30p
Kelcie Marler
Implementing a Depression Screening in a Pediatric Acute Care Setting for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
7/23 at 10:00a
Molly B. Hurley and Ashley N. Nickell
An Examination of the Impact of Student Loan Debt on Alumni Giving
9/2 at 10:00a
517 Benton
Stephen W. Ordway
Critical Behavior in Evolutionary and Population Dynamics
9/16 at 9:30a
117 NAB
Kelli A. Rowland
Evaluating Loneliness in an Older Adult Population
9/29 at 1:00p
Jennifer O'Neill
Schools on the Frontlines of Governance: How the Convergence of Criminal Justice and Education Shapes Adolescent Perceptions and Behavior
10/7 at 10:30a
NAB 117
Munachi Nwosu
Detection of Breast Cancer in African American Women Using Walk-in Mammography
10/15 at 3:00p
Leigh Paridy
Implementing the Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale to Assess Delirium in a Pediatric ICU
10/25 at 7:00a
Tracy J. Pacini
Benzodiazepine Reduction Program in a Psychiatric Mental Health Setting
10/28 at 10:00a
Philip Chrostoski
Semi-Empirical Modeling of Liquid Carbon’s Containerless Solidification
11/1 at 10:00a
Andrea R. Cox
Clinical Case Conceptualization Skill Development and Counseling Pedagogy: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study
11/1 at 11:00a
R121 - Biology
José Miguel Chaves-Fallas
The Role of Zingiberales Shared Evolutionary History and Leaf Traits Structuring Rolled-leaf Beetle Assemblages in a Tropical Forest
11/8 at 2:00p
Rongjing Cao, Han Rong, Jinge Xu and Yang Zhang
Collaborative Online Education: A Case Study of an Ed.D. Program
11/10 at 2p
Ying Dong, Xiaoying Wang, Qian Yang and Chudi Zhou
Teacher Leadership in the Context of Chinese Education
11/11 at 11:30a
Tamara Tomlin
Standardized Screening for Peripheral Artery Disease in the Primary Setting
11/11 at 1p
Brady Sullivan
Heterosexual Parents Who Move Towards Acceptance of Their Gay Son
11/12 at 10:00a
Chris Anderson
Forecasting Demand for Optimal Inventory with Long Lead Times: An Automotive Aftermarket Case Study
11/12 at 1:00p
Samira Escopy
New Methods for the Synthesis, Activation, and Application of Thioglycosides
11/12 at 2:00p
Dawn C. Thieman
Guided Online Coaching for Teachers of Emergent Bilinguals in a TESOL Practicum Course During COVID-19
11/16 at 9:30a
Jordan Priest
Resuscitation Quality Improvement Mortality Rates
11/18 at 1:00p
Jamillah L. Boyd and Nykea T. Watts-Edwards
Plus 50 Students and Their Experiences with Technology in Undergraduate Classes
11/18 at 3:00p
Tchule Moore and Maya Scruggs Hicks
A Comparison of First and Continuing-Generation Student Success and Engagement in an Online General Education English Course
11/19 at 9:00a
ABH 106
Honey M. Zimmerman
Exploring the Influence of Industry 4.0 Technology on Buyer-supplier Relationships (Supplier Transparency) and Supply Chain Agility
11/19 at 10:30a
ABH 108
Elizabeth Boyle
The Impact of Target Audit Quality on the Likelihood of Goodwill Impairment
11/19 at 11:00a
Zachary Schwartz
White Voters and Minority Animus in the Era of Trump
11/19 at 11:00a
303 Benton Hall
Andréia Queiroz Santos A Figueiredo
Cognitive Ecology of Color Vision in Orchid Bees
11/19 at 11:30a
Kelly Batton
Evaluation of Lifestyle Modification Program for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Infertile Women
11/19 at 1:30p
Zeena Finer Goldenberg
Meaningful Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Jewish Supplementary Schools
11/19 at 2:00p
ABH 202
Deng Pan
Optimizing Vaccine Supply Chains with Drones in Less-Developed Regions: Multimodal Vaccine Distribution in Vanuatu
11/22 at 1:00p
Gwendolyn L. Randolph
The Relationship Between Number of Instructional Minutes and Science and Mathematics Achievement in Elementary School Settings
11/23 at 11:00a
Marissa B. Hardwrict
Social Work Junior Faculty Perceptions of Their Doctoral Level Teaching Preparation
11/23 at 4:00p
Melissa Scheer and Deidra Thomas-Murray
Surfing Without Water: College Students Who Experience Homelessness

Spring 2022
Candidates for Graduation

11/22 at 11:00a
211 SCC
Jodi L. Devonshire
Barriers Teaching Environmental Justice Education as a “Practice of Freedom”
11/1 at 10:00a
Andrea R. Cox
Clinical Case Conceptualization Skill Development and Counseling Pedagogy: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study
1/7/22 at 7:30a
Molly F. Broere
Conceptualizations of Teaching in the Higher Education Classroom

 Summer 2022
Candidates for Graduation

12/10/21 at 10:00a
Kathryn E. Cherry
What Does Masculinity Have to Do with It? The Roles of Fathers in the Socialization of Children’s Emotions and Emotion Regulation