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Thank you for choosing the University of Missouri - St. Louis! The Graduate School does its best to make applying simple and straightforward. To that end, we offer a few suggestions for the application process:

Apply early
  • Applying well in advance of the deadline provides you with plenty of time to complete your application, upload materials, and send test scores, if necessary. If letters of recommendation are required for your program, touch base with your prospective reccomenders ahead of time as a professional courtesy. Once inside of the online application, you will be able to send out the official reccomendation requests. 
 Check the requirements for your program 
  • You don't want to be surprised by a writing sample or resume/CV requirement at the last minute, and have to rush to complete the item. Reviewing the requirements through the Graduate school's program page and your department's website is the best way to make sure you have completed all required materials for your program! 
Know your application deadline
  • Graduate programs at UMSL have varying deadlines- make sure that you know yours! Deadlines can be found under the Graduate school program page by intended degree. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email ( or phone (314-516-5458).

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Find out how to apply to UMSL Graduate School below. Simply click the down arrow to expand a section.

Graduate applicants must submit an electronic application that requires about 15-20 minutes to complete. You will be able to upload resumes, CVs, unofficial transcripts, and other materials into your application online. Once all required materials have been received, program faculty conduct detailed reviews of the application packets and recommend whether to admit each applicant. 

  • You can return to the application site and check on your application status at any time. Log back in with your email address and password and visit your status page.
  • After you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that provides additional details such as contact information and a reference number which you can refer to if you ever need to contact us with questions about your application. 
  • Should you have a question or should any situation arise that prevents you from applying or submitting the application fee, please contact our campus specialist in electronic applications, Nykea Watts, at (314) 516-6928 as soon as possible for assistance.

The general application deadlines to apply are as follows: July 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the summer semester. Some degree programs have specific deadline dates and may only admit once each calendar year, so it is important to review the deadlines of your specific program.  Other deadline dates and provisions may apply for international students.
All applicants to the Graduate School must pay the $50 application fee. If you believe you qualify for a fee waiver, please visit this page and contact us.

Applicants to the Graduate School are only required to pay the application fee once. If you have paid the fee for a previous graduate application, do NOT pay it again.

Admission to all graduate programs at UMSL require official transcripts from every college or university you have attended. International students must request official certified transcripts. International students should contact International Student and Scholar Services with any questions or for more detailed information.

Official transcripts must be received directly from the issuing college/university. We can receive them via paper mail or electronic submission.

Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded into your online application. Please note that this is optional. If/when you are admitted to the university, you will need to have official copies sent.

UMSL Alumni: Your undergraduate records are accessible by Graduate Admissions and you do not need to send an UMSL transcript or resend previously submitted final transcripts.

Send transcripts to the following addresses

Domestic Students International Students / International Universities
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Graduate Admissions
121 Woods Hall
1 University Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63121-4400
University of Missouri - St. Louis
International Student Services
362 Social Sciences Building
1 University Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63121-4400

Many graduate programs require applicants to submit standardized testing results. Please consult your program's requirements for details. Visit the GRE or GMAT websites to send your results to UMSL. Our school code is 6889. This will not automatically appear on your application. You must fully submit your application for us to be able to link your scores. ETS provides students with a free unofficial score report that you may send us until we receive your official scores. GRE scores are valid for five years.  After five years, a student will no longer be able to access the scores from their GRE account, and will be unable to send them to schools.

If you are unsure whether your scores have arrived, please email us:

Most graduate programs at UMSL require that you submit supplemental documents. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Letters of recommendation
    • Usually submitted by professors, or someone who is able to evaluate you academically; supervisors, employers.
    • You will enter the names and email address for your recommenders within the online application.
    • You can resend reminders to your recommenders via the status page AFTER you have completed and submitted your application.
  • Detailed statement of purpose/essay describing your goals 
    • There is a statement of purpose section located at the end of the online application. You may paste your detailed SOP (if required by your program) here or attach it separately as a PDF document
  • Writing sample
    • If your department requires one, you may upload it directly into your application.
  • Resume/CV
  • Supplemental/secondary application - usually department specific, located on the department website
  • Proof of licensure/nursing practice - for some Nursing programs

All supplemental documents can be uploaded in the online application while you are completing it or after you have submitted your application, unless your department specifies otherwise. Some may require that you upload it AND send it directly to their department. Always check the program requirements before considering your application finished.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office: or 314-516-5458.

There are two categories of assistantships: Those that are program-specific, and interdisciplinary/nonacademic ones that are posted through Canvas and student email.


  • Download the application and email it directly to the director of your graduate department.
  • Some departments also require other materials, such as letters of recommendation, writing sample, GRE scores, in order to consider applications for assistantships. Be sure to check the program requirements.

Other Assistantships

  • Vacancies are sent out through Canvas and student email, when available.
  • These typically have their own unique application process that is explained in the notice. 
The Graduate School cannot accept assitantship requests. 

For more information on assistantships, please visit the Assistantship Information page.

If you are applying to the Graduate School as a non-degree student, please visit our Non-Degree student page or the Life Long Learner page. You will need to pay the application fee and submit official transcripts (unofficial transcripts of any kind cannot be accepted).