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Spring 2021 Candidates

7/3/20 at 8:30a
Erin Roades
Participation in Sporting Activities
As a Mechanism for Enhancing Science Instruction
1/6 at 12:00p
Christine J. Holt
A Qualitative Study on Grooming Talent for Higher Education
1/11 at 2:00p
Alieu B. Sanneh
Ethnicity, Issue Voting, and Regime Change in the Gambia; Why Did Yahya Jammeh Lose the 2016 Presidential Election? The Dawning of a Democracy in the Gambia
1/21 at 1:00p
Norman Njihi
Integration of Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire-12 in Clinical Practice
3/22 at 1:00p
Michelle D. Roberts
Moth to a Flame: An Investigation of the Personality Traits and Early-Life Trauma Histories of Women Who Have Survived Adult Relationships with Men with Pathologican Narcissism
4/1 at 1:00p
Abdelbaset Ramadan M. Zeyani
Instantaneous Frequency Estimation and Signal Separation Using Fractional Continuous Wavelet Transform 


Summer 2021 Candidates

9/18/20 at 11:00a
Rebecca Chesher
Assessing a Cognitive Model of Trauma-related Sleep Disturbance