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 Summer 2022
Candidates for Graduation

12/10/21 at 10:00a
Kathryn E. Cherry
What Does Masculinity Have to Do with It? The Roles of Fathers in the Socialization of Children’s Emotions and Emotion Regulation
4/26 at 2:00p
Saankari Anusha Challa
Trauma and Alcohol/Substance Use: The Role of Self-regulation Flexibility
4/27 at 12:00p
Veronica M. High
Race, Masculinity, and Personality Development: Understanding the Black Male Experience in America
5/4 at 3:00p
Kaylee P. Richmond
What’s Religion Got to Do with It?: Differing Religiosity Domains’ Association with College Students’ Sexual Consent During First-Time Intercourse
5/10 at 6:00p
Joy N. Rogers & Cassandra Walker Suggs
Culturally Relevant Practices and Community: Increasing Minority Leadership in School Administration to Improve School Climate
5/23 at 6:00p
Francesca Ferrari & Lisa Woodrum
From Empathy to Social Empathy: A Journey in a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workplace Graduate Certificate
5/26 at 10:00a
312 Seton
Julia N. Biayi
The Hustler Award Program


 Summer 2023
Candidates for Graduation

5/9/22 at 9:30a
Hannah Walker
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, Anger, and Substance Use as Risk Factors for Trauma Revictimization
5/13/22 at 12:00p
Laura K. Fewell
Rethinking Binge Eating Disorder: Is Resource Depletion the Missing Link?