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Fall 2020 Candidates

7/23 at 8:30a

Erin McDuff Roades
Participation in Sporting Activities As a Mechanism for Enhancing Science Instruction

8/12 at 3:00p

Holly Hick
DeVerne Calloway:  "I am a Teacher---I will Teach"

8/15 at 8:00a

Robert Barclay
Servant Leadership Behaviors that Positively Influence On-Time Delivery of Committed Work by Agile Teams in a Scaled Agile Framework

8/15 at 9:00a

James Jordan, Jr.
Talent Retention: An Empirical Examination of a 21st Century United States Department of Agriculture

8/15 at 10:30a

Kevin D. Sansberry II
The Masks We Wear in the Workplace Masquerade: An Examination of Antecedents of Facades of Conformity and the Impact of Abusive Supervision

8/15 at 3:45p

Rodney F. Carmack
What is the Research Standard for Tenure and Promotion at U.S. Accounting Research Institutions Outside of the Top 200?

8/17 at 10:00a

James Xu
Determinants of Financial Success of Large Law Firms

9/3 at 11:00a

Giri Raj Gnawali
Synthesis of Biologically Active Phosphorus Heterocycles

9/18 at 11:00a

Rebecca Chesher
Assessing a Cognitive Model of Trauma-related Sleep Disturbance

9/22 at 12:00p
312 Seton

Amanda Finley
The Relationship between Perfectionism, Perceived Stress, and Coping in Baccalaureate Nursing Students

9/25 at 11:00a

Scott Boswell
An Examination of Optimal Level of CEO Narcissism:
Why, How, and When Narcissism Impacts Firm Performance

9/29 at 3:00p

Alicia Ako-Brew
Recognition of Gender Microaggressions in the Workplace: The Case of Predisposition and Propensity to Recognize

10/1 at 10:00a

Corrine Floyd
Empowering Nurses of Minority in the Face of Incivility and Bullying:
Through the Lens of Phenomenology