Fall 2019 Candidates

6/25 at 9am
Monsanto Room - TLC

Andrea Harper, Richard Hudanick, Michael Miller, Kimberlie Straatmann and Joshua White
Exploring the Role of Trust, Social Learning, Trauma, Logotherapy, Empathy, and Asset-Based Approaches in Community Engagement and Social Change

7/17 at 4pm
NAB 104

Kimberly Waltrip
A Survey of Healthcare Workers on Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Resource Availability, Utilization, and Adherence

7/24 at 10am
Benton 103

Camilo Andrés Calderón Acevedo
Taxonomy, Species Limits, and Phylogenetic Relationships of Anoura Gray 1838 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)

9/5 at 1pm
WEB 101

Sandra D. Fields
A Silent Epidemic with No Voice: Alzheimer's Disease in an African American Midwest Community

10/10 at 8am
517 Benton Hall

Tera Ashley Glaze
A Computational Study of Sleep and the Hemispheres of the Brain

10/17 at 10am
Bayer Education Bio-Lab

Jennifer B. McKanry
Building of Community Through Discussion Forums in Online Faculty Development

10/21 at 11am
TLC - Sigma-Aldrich Lab

Kevin Gene Mangan
The Relationship of Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Completion of Officers in the Army War College Distance Education Program

10/23 at 9:30am
B431 Benton Hall

Mithila D. Bandara Weerasooriya Mudiyanselage
Chemical Synthesis of Oligosaccharides from Human Milk

10/29 at 9am
101 WEB

Beverly Jackson
African Centered Education, The Maji Shujaa Online Academy:
A Descriptive Case Study

10/29 at 3pm
101 WEB

Claire Crapo, Michelle Farell & Skyler Wiseman
Key Experiences and Nonmonetary Resources Impacting Stakeholder Satisfaction, Growth, and Effectiveness in Educational Settings

10/31 at 10am
TLC - Bayer Bio Lab

Jarvis James
The 5E Swipe Emancipation from Welfare Dependency

10/31 at 4:30pm
Bayer Lab, TLC

Valentine V. Malumbila
A Black African Teacher's Experiences in America:
Examining the Lived Experiences of a Black African Teacher Working in a Midwestern Public School

11/4 at 1pm
312 Seton Hall

Lisa Cummings
Fathers' Experiences with Their Premature Infants or Unhealthy Neonates

11/8 at 10am
117 NAB

Delora M. Brooks
Improving Provider Documentation of Controlled Substance Monitoring:  Creation of New Documentation Tool in the Athena EMR

11/11 at 9am
228 Benton Hall

Ellen Elizabeth Lynch
An Exploration of Contextual Factors of Weight-based Discrimination Against Business Leaders

11/13 at 9:30am
TLC - Sigma Lab

Joyce A. Taylor Haynie
Impact of a Web-Based Instructional Module on Knowledge of Alzheimer’s Disease within Seven Content Knowledge Domains

11/13 at 11am

Kelly Lucash
Implementation of Oral Health Recommendations in Pediatric Primary Care

11/15 at 4pm
TLC - Bayer Lab

Sherry K. Holmes & Brandis P.L. Jones
The Impact of Structural Supports on the Success of Students of Color in the K-16 Educational System

11/19 at 10am
TLC - Bayer Lab

Kimberly Carothers
Community Schools in St. Louis Then and Now: Exploring the Influence of Family, School, and Community Engagement on Student and Community Outcomes

11/19 at 2pm
212 ESH

Ana Krasteva
Women in Technology and Why They Leave Industry

11/20 at 12pm
304 ESH

Abdulmtalb Mohamed A.A. Hussen
Recover Data in Sparse Expansion Forms Modeled by Special Basis Functions

11/21 at 10am
236 Benton Hall

María Isabel Loza Rivera
Regional and Historical Influences on the Spatial Distribution of Neotropical Trees

11/21 at 10am
527 Clark Hall

Antaniece Patrice Sills-Carter
Accessibility to Resources for Homeless Documented Immigrant Families: A Case Study

11/21 at 12pm
TLC - Bayer Lab

Alan K. Byrd, Jr.
Understanding Non-Economic Persistence Barriers for Low-Income Students

11/21 at 1pm
TLC - Sigma-Aldrich Lab

Amanda Bohnenstiehl
Supervisory Working Alliance as a Predictor for Counselor Burnout: The Potential Mediating Role of Supervisee Nondisclosure

11/21 at 1:30pm
101 WEB

Kathleen Kanz White
The Effect of Union Affiliation on Salary for Female Community College Faculty

11/21 at 2pm
230 Benton Hall

Srinivas Silpi Thota
The Role of Multidrug Resistance Regulators MarA, SoxS, Rob and RamA in Regulating Virulence Traits in Salmonella enterica

11/21 at 4pm
117 NAB

Jessica Ann Whelan
Improving Access to Mental Health Care Through Nurse Practitioners

11/22 at 10am
202 ABH

Chidambaram Subbiah
Task-Based Estimation and Planning for Application Development Projects and Resources: Models, Methods and Applications

11/22 at 12pm
234 Benton Hall

Allison Burrus
Exploring Measures of Time Management and Group Differences

11/22 at 2pm
303 Benton Hall

Serena Isabel Acha Macias
Vines in the Neotropics: Phylogenomics, Biogeography and Systematics in Passion Flowers (Passiflora subgenus Decaloba section Decaloba)

11/22 at 2:30pm
117 NAB

Aunyé D. Amos
A Quality Improvement Study on No-show Appointment Management in Primary Care

11/22 at 4pm
428 Benton Hall

Matteo Panza
Towards Completely Automated Glycan Synthesis