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Spring 2021 Candidates

7/3/20 at 8:30a
Erin Roades
Participation in Sporting Activities
As a Mechanism for Enhancing Science Instruction
1/6 at 12:00p
Christine J. Holt
A Qualitative Study on Grooming Talent for Higher Education
1/11 at 2:00p
Alieu B. Sanneh
Ethnicity, Issue Voting, and Regime Change in the Gambia; Why Did Yahya Jammeh Lose the 2016 Presidential Election? The Dawning of a Democracy in the Gambia
1/21 at 1:00p
Norman Njihi
Integration of Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire-12 in Clinical Practice
3/19 at 10:00a
Kei Y. Pang
Value Creation by Private Equity Firms: A Resource-based View
3/22 at 1:00p
Michelle D. Roberts
Moth to a Flame: An Investigation of the Personality Traits and Early-Life Trauma Histories of Women Who Have Survived Adult Relationships with Men with Pathologican Narcissism
3/30 at 5:00p
NaJeana Henderson, Maritza Sloan and Douglas J. Swanson
Barriers to Post-Secondary Success
3/31 at 3:00p
Tyler Ray Chance
The Church and Michael Brown:
The Influence of Christianity on Racialized Political Attitudes in Ferguson, Missour
3/31 at 5:30p
LaChrisa Crenshaw, Terry Daily-Davis and Gina Jenkins
Bridging the Gap: A Closer Look at Educational Inequities and Strategies to Support African American Students
4/1 at 1:00p
Abdelbaset Ramadan M. Zeyani
Instantaneous Frequency Estimation and Signal Separation Using Fractional Continuous Wavelet Transform 
4/6 at 3:00p
Kristine M. Carey
Hiding in Heteronormative Sight: Students’ Concealment of (Nonhetero)Sexual Identity in Public Schools
4/7 at 8:00a
Abigail Schulte
COVID-19’s Pivot to Online Education and BSN Graduates’ Readiness to Practice
4/8 at 9:00a
Kruti Surti
Regulation of Self-love
4/8 at 4:00p
Andrew Cowell and Daniel Glossenger
Equity and Ability Grouping: A Study of Whole-School Practices and Reflections on Vocal Music Education
4/14 at 9:00a
Joshua Matthew Flores
Teacher Retention and Attrition in Missouri:  Who Should Solve the Problem? A Three-tiered Analysis of Teacher Retention and Attrition in Missouri
4/14 at 3:00p
Jessica Bitting
Not Just Another Professional Development Session: Implementing Effective Social Justice Aligned Professional Learning for Educators
4/15 at 9:00a
Juan Zhang
Economic and Environmental Impacts of Drone Delivery
4/15 at 1:00p
Rachael Beard
A Descriptive Study of Health-Related Risks and Outcomes Differences by Loneliness Status in a Sample of Older Veterans
4/15 at 6:00p
Svetlana Nikic
Ready to Engage? Urban Middle School Teachers’ Responsiveness to Targeted Engagement Interventions on Their Virtual Instructional Practices: An Action Research Study
4/16 at 11:00a
Perian Perdhiku
Matrix Product Structure of a Permuted Quasi Cyclic Code and Its Dual
4/16 at 1:00p
Patrick Fisher
Surviving and Thriving as a New Principal: Discussing What it Takes to be Successful as a New Principal Through a Narrative Approach
4/16 at 5:30p
Abena B. Boateng, Ida B. Casey, Jamie C. Klupe, Julie C. Moorman and Angeline Williams-Jackson
An Education System Built on the Pillars of White Supremacy and Anti-Blackness: A Collection of Autoethnographic Studies Depicting How Black Kids Never Had a Chance
4/20 at 2:00p
Johara Farah Albaliwi
Construct Linear Quasi-Interpolants on Infinite Intervals
4/21 at 1:00p
Allen L. Savage, Sr.
A Mixed Methods Study: The Effects of Mobile Devices & Maker Projects on the Knowledge Base & Interest of African American Middle Schoolers in STEM
4/22 at 12:00p
Dawna Sturdivant Wharton
Systems of Success: African-American Women Prepared
4/22 at 3:00p
Joslyn Richardson
At the Top of the Chart: A Composite Counterstory of Black Students’ Mathematical Success
4/23 at 10:00a
Judith Ann Reeves
Increasing Adherence of Pump Integration with Electronic Medical Record Through Simulation
4/23 at 1:00p
Susan Marino and Sarah Ranney
Which School- and Community-Level Characteristics Lead to Charter School Success?
4/23 at 1:00p
Ali Abbas Rasool Sabi
Synthesis and Characterization of Antiviral Drug Candidate Molecules Against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus
4/23 at 1:30p
Beth Lockhart
Evaluation of an Elopement Risk Assessment Tool in an Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital
4/23 at 2:00p
Islam Bakirci
Is United States’ Economic Power in Decline? Can China Replace the U.S. as the World’s Next Economic Superpower?


Summer 2021 Candidates

9/18/20 at 11:00a
Rebecca Chesher
Assessing a Cognitive Model of Trauma-related Sleep Disturbance
4/28 at 11:00a
Winifred A. Needham
Confronting and Dismantling Whiteness: Reforming Curricular and Pedagogical Practices
5/24 at 1:00p
Jaime E. Peters
How does the Market View Share Repurchases: Five Possible Book Values in the Fama-French 3 Factor Model