Fall 2019 Candidates

6/25 at 9am
Monsanto Room - TLC

Andrea Harper, Richard Hudanick, Michael Miller, Kimberlie Straatmann and Joshua White
Exploring the Role of Trust, Social Learning, Trauma, Logotherapy, Empathy, and Asset-Based Approaches in Community Engagement and Social Change

7/17 at 4pm
NAB 104

Kimberly Waltrip
A Survey of Healthcare Workers on Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Resource Availability, Utilization, and Adherence

7/24 at 10am
Benton 103

Camilo Andrés Calderón Acevedo
Taxonomy, Species Limits, and Phylogenetic Relationships of Anoura Gray 1838 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)

9/5 at 1pm
WEB 101

Sandra D. Fields
A Silent Epidemic with No Voice: Alzheimer's Disease in an African American Midwest Community

10/10 at 8am
517 Benton Hall

Tera Ashley Glaze
A Computational Study of Sleep and the Hemispheres of the Brain

10/17 at 10am
Bayer Education Bio-Lab

Jennifer B. McKanry
Building of Community Through Discussion Forums in Online Faculty Development

10/21 at 11am
TLC - Sigma-Aldrich Lab

Kevin Gene Mangan
The Relationship of Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Completion of Officers in the Army War College Distance Education Program

10/23 at 9:30am
B431, Benton Hall

Mithila D. Bandara Weerasooriya Mudiyanselage
Chemical Synthesis of Oligosaccharides from Human Milk